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Regenerate Yourself Masterclass

November 28 - December 4

Encoded within every tissue of your body is the ability to regenerate; mechanisms that provide you with the right to a life of joy and vitality. In this masterclass, Sayer Ji will help you unlock “radical resiliency” with cutting-edge scientific findings, ancestral wisdom and health-promoting practices — with these tools, you’ll optimize your diet, maximize exercise results, reduce stress and cultivate a thriving environment. 

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2022 Food Revolution Summit

Join 25 experts to learn their top foods to optimize immune health, stay healthy, and be part of the solution — with simple, wholesome, and delicious food!

Fantastic Fungi

Fantastic Fungi’s special event edition is a story of innovators and disruptors, chefs and foragers, healing mental health, and healing the planet.

Food For Health Masterclass

The best medicine doesn’t come in a pill. It comes in the food on your plate! Find out how to eat for health in the FoodFor Health Masterclass.

Brain Breakthroughs Masterclass

It’s possible to boost cognitive performance, prevent most dementias, & even reverse some symptoms of cognitive decline — at any age!